Tough, dependable performance
classical v-belts & wedge belts
for all industrial drives

Constant length

L = L as per ISO specifications means that belts perform well in multiple sets thanks to even load distribution

Wide temperature range

Temperature operating range from -40 deg C to +70 deg C covers the vast majority of industrial application conditions

Highly resistant

Good oil, heat and ozone resistance allows reliable operation even under less than ideal surrounding environments


Belts are manufactured Antistatic as per requirements of ISO1813 ensuring they are sufficiently conductive to dissipate electrical charges

Heavy duty

Heavy duty rubber impregnated fabric wrap provides excellent abrasion resistance resulting in longer belt life


Precision engineered molded cog base allows increased flexibility and higher running speeds over smaller pulleys and shorter centre distances

Increased efficiency

Raw edge cogged belts increased friction coefficient means no slip and reduced energy loss resulting in greater efficiency and longer service life

Huge manufacturing capabilities

  • Hi-tech production facility
  • 1000's of belts produced every day
  • ISO9001:2008; ISO/TS16949:2009; ISO14001:2004 approved factory

Our product range

Wrapped classical v-belts

Widely used to provide dependable service with minimal maintenance on a variety of medium to high power drives.

Wrapped wedge belts

Deeper, narrow profile belts distributing stresses more uniformly and allowing for more compact drives.

Cogged classical v-belts

Ideal for applications where wrapped classical v-belts are likely to reach their performance limits.

Cogged high power wedge belts

Perfect for applications which require the highest capacities under more severe and demanding conditions.